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Our love of the dalmatian began in 1983. My Grandmother purchased a female dalmatian to be her companion and to help her feel safe when she lived alone for the first time. "Lady" was out of the old Watseka and Coachman lines and was a good friend to my Grandmother.
We decided a dalmatian was just the kind of dog that would be perfect for our family and we picked "Libby" from Lady's litter. Mooney's Lady Liberty was the sweetest and most patient dog. She took care of her "kids" even teaching our youngest, Todd, to walk as he held her collar. Libby produced Star in 1991. Liberty's Stars and Stripes, "Star" was as loving and kind as her mother.
In 1993 I became acquainted with Diana and Robert Skibinski of Folklore Dalmatians. Diana took me to my first dog show and I soon became hooked on the dog show world. Diana has been my mentor and dear friend. She has taught me everything I know about dalmatians and how to present a dog in the show ring. She has been the best teacher and friend. Star and their "Louis", CH Folklore's Louis L'Amour, have produced 4 champions.
In 2004 we had the privilege of having "Haley", CH Liberty Starlite Folklore, in the top twenty in dalmatians, and show her in the top twenty competition at DCA. Haley has had two litters and produced 4 champions.
We have continued to add more spots, and are now showing the 7th generation.  We have 7 Bred-By Exhibitor medallions, and hope to add more. 

We also are very proud of CH. Tuckaway Indian Run, Caddy has been a wonderful addition.  He is proudly co-owned by Diana Skibinski, Norma Baley, Cindy Bowman and myself.  It has been an exciting partnership.  Caddy was 2006 TOP Twenty Winner at DCA, and also was Stud dog of the year 2006, producing 10 Champions that year!          

All of our "spotted" ones have enriched our lives by giving us so much love and joy. We are excited about the future and having more "spots" in our lives.